Chapel Hill: Opinion

Your letters, May 4

Chaney a fine person

I whole heartedly endorse Bethany Chaney for Carrboro Board of Aldermen.

I have known her well for years as backyard neighbor, community activist, chair of the Carrboro Planning Board, and overall fine person. I am thrilled to live in a town where people actually run 'for' issues vs. just running against something.

Given Bethany's position on the Planning Board, she is already knowledgeable about key town issues and is set to go. She aspires toward diversity and will gladly serve all our citizens. She seeks out opinions of those who don't necessarily show up at meetings. She is a good listener, and a kind and compassionate person.

She has my vote - I hope she has yours. Be sure to vote by May 6th, if not beforehand.

Melva Fager Okun


Hauser impresses

As residents of Chapel Hill we support the election of Bonnie Hauser as commissioner-at-large for Orange County. We have worked with Bonnie in an ongoing community project and find her to be a very positive, resourceful and energetic person.

Her qualifications are impressive. Bonnie has spent years working on several important community issues such as stopping UNC’s airport and the county’s waste facility in rural areas, fixing emergency services, and getting fair sewer rates for Efland. She brings considerable business and community leadership experiences and brings fresh ideas and a new style of leadership to Orange County. Her professional management skills complement those of the other commissioners.

Bonnie is committed to an open and transparent government which we can afford, starting with funding schools as a priority, and keeping our communities affordable. She has already demonstrated that working together our government can improve services, and save taxpayers millions of dollars.

Michele Murdock

Peter Stein

Chapel Hill

Faucette for sheriff

I read with interest your recent profiles of the six men running for Orange County sheriff. While they all seem qualified and dedicated, Larry Faucette’s statement really stood out to me.

I feel that Larry’s vision for how to lead the department was both the most specific and the most visionary – the balance he struck in his candidate statement was realistic but also inspiring.

I’ve also had the privilege of knowing Larry personally, through our daughters’ shared love of ice skating. Whenever we met at a skating event or trip, I saw a devoted dad and enthusiastic supporter of his children’s goals who was also a dynamic and positive member of the parent groups. I have every reason to believe he would bring that same enthusiasm, dedication and leadership to the position of Orange County sheriff. Larry Faucette has my vote!

Allison Wiener

Chapel Hill

Can’t do better than Barry

Voters don't often see vision and practicality, not to mention commitment to services and consciousness of cost, in a single candidate, but that's what we have in Orange County Commissioner Barry Jacobs.

Folks often tell me that they had an idea for making Orange County better, and Barry helped them figure out how to make it happen. We really can’'t do much better than re-electing Barry Jacobs.

Patricia Carstensen

Chapel Hill

Better with Bonnie

Once in awhile a person comes along who can unite people around common goals and shared interests and who can knit communities together. Such a person has a clear vision of what a community can be and is willing to expend great energy and countless hours to achieve this. This person is effective and an inspiration to those working for the same goals. Bonnie Hauser is this person.

When we moved to Orange County 45 years ago, our rural neighbors were convinced that the county had “ built a brick wall around Chapel Hill” and that they were in large part ignored. Bonnie Hauser has been a link between the rural communities, the towns, and the county. She has been a strong voice for diverse groups within the communities and has formed deep relationships and bonds of trust. Because she listens to and knows these communities, she can offer fresh ideas as an alternative to “institutional knowledge” in her running for elected office.

Bonnie gets the facts, does her homework, and is unafraid of change. She believes in cooperation and that real progress comes when all are engaged and working together as a team. Bonnie, like all the candidates, loves Orange County but Bonnie knows that the county can do better for her citizens, and she has the courage to say so.

Let’s move forward together. Vote for Bonnie Hauser for commissioner-at-large.

Norma White


Re-elect Brooks Register

I am writing to express my strong support for Deborah Brooks, incumbent candidate for Orange County Register of Deeds. Deborah has worked in the registry for 38 years, the last four years as the Register of Deeds, and is the only candidate with significant experience with the maintenance of land records. Elected after the retirement of long-serving Register of Deeds Betty June Hayes, Deborah has been working diligently to incorporate the technological advances now available to systems of land records to make information safe and available to the public.

As a practicing real estate attorney with 25 years of experience utilizing the services of the registry on behalf of homeowners, borrowers, buyers and sellers, I understand how important a well-run registry is to our economy and our citizenry. Deborah took charge of the registry at a time budgets are under pressure to contract, and she has shown the management skills to move the registry forward despite the fiscal challenges. Now is not the time to start over with an inexperienced Register of Deeds. Re-elect Deborah Brooks.

Thomas R. Holt

Chapel Hill

McKee for strong schools

I’m voting for Earl McKee for Orange County commissioner from District 2 and encourage you to support Earl as well.

Ever since he took his seat as a commissioner, Earl has impressed me with his hard work and willingness to learn. He has approached issues with an open mind, something to be valued in these days of divisive politics. In particular he has been a strong supporter of the public schools, an issue near and dear to my heart since my children were educated in the Orange County Schools and I served for eight years on the Board of Education.

I encourage you to vote for Earl McKee for Orange County commissioner from District 2.

Kay Singer