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What else you’re saying: Charles van der Horst, Terry McCann, Reginald Smith

Burr’s past votes

With all the focus on the presidential and governor’s races, I am worried that people may forget the U.S. Senate race. Our incumbent senator, Richard Burr, is keeping a low profile hoping that the voters won’t notice his extreme positions and close embrace of Donald Trump. Here are a few of Burr’s past votes:

1. Voted for allowing suspected terrorists in the US to have free access to automatic weapons.

2. Voted to cancel health insurance for 20 million Americans under the Affordable Care Act

3. Voted to restrict a woman’s right to a safe and legal abortion

4. Voted against immigration reform

5. Voted against confirmation of the first African American female attorney general and has blocked the nominations of two African American female judges to the U.S. Eastern District Court of North Carolina for more than 10 years.

Remember these when you go to the polls

Charles van der Horst

Chapel Hill

Cooper’s wedge issue

There are currently two people who are ultimately standing in the way of repealing HB2: part-time Attorney General Roy Cooper and Charlotte Mayor Jennifer Roberts.

If the compromise had gone through in July with the provisions the NBA had required, there would be nothing else that Cooper could campaign on. The economy has been exceptionally robust under McCrory and the GOP-led NCGA. Cooper needed a wedge issue, and after torpedoing the first compromise, Cooper told Roberts to refuse a second compromise.

This isn’t hard to put together people. You are all being played for political points. Should we be surprised by any of this? Roberts created this mess, and Cooper is enabling it so he can get elected. Shameless.

Gov. McCrory stated: “It’s absolutely not personal on my end. This whole bathroom idea was the political left’s idea, not the political right.” And I agree. Although I do not like the other provisions added to HB2 (not being able to sue and the minimum-wage increase), the common sense part of simply ensuring that men and women are showering and using the restroom in separate facilities is tantamount. HB2 is not and never was meant to be discriminatory against any member of the LBGTQ community. Rather it was to limit the abuse of women and children by predators, men that would claim transgenderism for the sake of fulfilling deviancy. Our LBGTQ community does not deserve to be used as a pawn by the left and Roy Cooper for the sake of political expediency.

I am not telling you who to vote for, because I am torn along party lines, but for governor of North Carolina, I support Pat McCrory, who has a proven track record of economic growth and job creation, education reform, and preparation for tomorrow all in the midst of the HB2 fiasco.

Vote Nov 8 and make your voice be heard

Terry McCann


No ‘Comeback’ for many’

Early voting started on Thursday. This year, I’m voting early because I can’t wait to replace Pat McCrory with Roy Cooper. We need a jobs governor, not an HB2 governor.

McCrory talks about the “Carolina Comeback,” but middle-class families have been left behind. Gov. McCrory has done a couple of things that have hurt our economy. HB2 has resulted in the loss of thousands of jobs and hundreds of millions of dollars for North Carolina, yet McCrory refuses to repeal it. And McCrory cut taxes for those at the top while raising taxes on the middle class in 67 different ways. You can go to to see all the ways McCrory has raised our taxes.

We need a governor who will put middle-class families and the economy first. Gov. McCrory puts his extreme social agenda first, so he has got to go. I and everyone I’ve talked to plan to be early voters this year. It’s easy, and more people than ever are taking advantage of early voting. The best way to get our state back on track is to go to and make a plan to early vote before it ends Nov. 5.

Reginald Smith