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Ursula Wuerth: Excellent analysis

Excellent analysis

I want to thank Wanda Hunter for her excellent “race analysis” relating to the murders of three bright, young people in Chapel Hill (CHN, March 4).

I’m so glad that she expressed so well what many of us know to be true, and I agree with all of it whole-heartedly. Why can't we, the white folks in this country, get a handle on this never-ending racism?

Frederick Douglas (African American) helps us with one answer when he said in1853: “A heavy and cruel hand has been laid upon us. As a people, we feel ourselves to be not only deeply injured, but grossly misunderstood. Our white countrymen do not know us. They are strangers to our character, ignorant of our capacity, oblivious to our history and progress, and are misinformed as to the principles and ideas that control and guide us, as people. The great mass of American citizens estimates us as being a characterless and purposeless people.”

Unfortunately, this seems still to be true. We need to get to know each other better and find new ways and opportunities to do so. We need to become aware of our cruelty and our double standards, especially in our criminal justice application.

To learn more read Michelle Alexander’s “The New Jim Crow.”

Ursula Wuerth

Chapel Hill