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What you’re saying: Sally Maslansky, Rob Ransone, Vincent M. DiSandro Sr. and Tom Field

A broken system

It is my experience that teachers are among the hardest-working, least-appreciated, and underpaid professionals in North Carolina and America today. In his piece for your paper, teacher Mike Harris takes issue with the equity in schools movement/coalition, saying:

“When I see a child for 47 minutes in a social studies class of 24 students, and that child is reading at a third-grade level and cannot subtract a single-digit number from a two-digit number in sixth grade, then there are unfortunate limits to what I can accomplish.”

I believe Mr. Harris has perhaps misinterpreted the message of this coalition as teacher blaming. Instead it seems that the Campaign for Racial Equity coalition and Mr. Harris are citing the same exact problems, as he points out above.

From all I have heard and read, this coalition is arm and arm with the Bootstraps literacy organization in saying that there is a huge problem in a public school system where 85 percent of the black male eighth graders did not pass the reading test, as Mr. Harris’s comments attest. It seems to me that this equity coalition and Mr. Harris are talking about the same exact problems.

The solution might come from everyone seeing this as a problem for our youth – not as something to be defensive about. I do not believe this problem lands on the shoulders of teachers, but surely the solution will come from all parties involved coming together to admit that yes, indeed, we have a big problem and a broken system.

I want to commend the coalition along with Mary Carey and Bootstraps on their bravery for talking about this issue out loud. Hopefully we can all come together not to blame or defend, but to resolve.

Sally Maslansky

Chapel Hill

Twain had it right

Let me see if I have this right:

The administration is paying the Boeing Company about $3.5 billion to build a wall/fence between the U.S. and Mexico and between the U.S. and Canada in order to keep our friendly neighbors from slipping into our country to work at jobs that our workers don’t want, in hopes that it will also keep out terrorists, in spite of the fact all of the 9/11 terrorists flew in commercially with tourist visas because trying to slip across our borders was too dangerous, even under the old guards.

Now the administration is inviting 10,000 Muslim refugees to come here from a country that is an acknowledged enemy of the U.S., and is home to ISIS – it’s in their name: The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria – ignoring the 100 percent probability that those 10,000 Muslim immigrants provide the ideal process for Muslim sleeper terrorist entry.

As Mark Twain remarked: “Suppose you were an idiot, and suppose you were in Congress. But I repeat myself.”

Yes, I know this is an administration action, but if you, Congress, allow this, then you are all idiots!

Rob Ransone


Safety above soft heads

Regarding Kirk Ross’s Sunday commentary “Governor fans anti-immigrant flames” (CHN,

This editorial was one of the most uninformed ill-advised pieces of writing I have ever read. I am proud of our governor for putting our safety ahead of some sort of soft-headed political correctness. At least two-thirds of the people in this country have very real and well-founded concerns about bringing thousands of refugees into this country when ISIS has already said that they plan to slip terrorists in with this wave of immigrants.

The head of the FBI has stated that he does not have enough information to properly vet these people. It doesn’t matter if it takes 18 to 24 months to get through the process if you don’t have the information needed.

People in this country are wise to be concerned about the competence of the government. They had years to prepare for Obamacare’s launch, and it was a disaster. TSA fails to detect bombs and weapons at the airports.

We can’t seem to secure the border. And we have had immigrants (the Tsarnaev brothers) commit acts of terror.

And our commander in chief seems more concerned about climate change than protecting us. He worries more about offending terrorists than insulting the American people. No, we are not afraid of widows and orphans. Only widows wearing suicide belts like the female terrorist in Paris.

Vincent M. DiSandro Sr.


Cowardly decision

Regarding the news article “McCrory: Don’t send Syrian refugees to N.C.” (N&O, Nov. 17):

Courage and cowardice take many forms, and our governor has provided a sad counterpoint to the thousands of courageous, desperate families fleeing ISIS while Gov. Pat McCrory, ever so fearful of a terrorist possibly destroying our country, has boldly proclaimed North Carolina off-limits to all Syrian refugees.

Mothers, children, everybody must simply go back home to the bombs, brutality and rapes of ISIS, since the world’s most powerful military, its local police and an armed citizenry cannot possibly cope with the prospect of a few terrorists possibly slipping through the vetting process.

Since the Paris plotters hatched their plan from Belgium, I would guess that McCrory's next move will be to urge the military to bomb Brussels.

Tom Field

Chapel Hill

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