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What you’re saying: Dhruva R.J. Sen, Kling Bostrom, Kelsey Byerly and Chuck Harner

Queen of Sheba excels

Blair Pollock contributes greatly to the community with his intriguing columns. I appreciate his coverage of the restaurants at Timberlyne shopping center (CHN, but differ with two readers’ response.

All the food at Friesh’s Queen of Sheba restaurant is delicious, but uniquely Ethiopian; the curries are not at all “reminiscent of Indian but also Middle Eastern cuisine.” This restaurant excels in East African cuisine and reaches new heights in the gourmet experience.

Dhruva R.J. Sen

Chapel Hill

Stunning incompetence

Regarding “UNC system’s Tom Ross says goodbye amid protest over his successor” (CHN,

The level of incompetence from the UNC Board of Governors is stunning. They have been completely dysfunctional and backward. They start with an academic witchhunt by “reviewing” centers. They act in secret in firing Ross and hiring Spellings. They hire someone with NO qualifications – rather someone that led a private university with a 5 percent graduation rate and charges for committing fraud against taxpayers and veterans. They throw huge raises at the chancellors while not giving any raise to the faculty and staff. They pursue political agenda not the interests of the UNC system and its mission. They exhibit internal fighting. The chair resigns due to incompetence. Officials repremanded them for violations. What a complete disaster. They are killing North Carolina’s most important economic and social development asset.

Kling Bostrom


Assault on history

Regarding the story “Protesters oppose corporate ownership” (N&O, Dec. 1): Too often, we are seeing universities abandon tradition for modernity. The potential privatization of UNC-Chapel Hill’s 100-year-old campus bookstore is just one example of the problem. Let’s look at N.C. State University as an example. Beginning in 2014, renovations began on historic Reynolds Coliseum, and Harrelson Hall, the first cylindrical building on a college campus, is slated for demolition beginning later this year. It is crucial that we take a look at what is happening on our college campuses and ask ourselves exactly where does this end? History isn't something that deserves to be brushed over and replaced; it deserves to be preserved.

Kelsey Byerly


Privatize players

Regarding the privatization of the UNC bookstore: If that’s a good idea, then let’s start by privatizing the football and basketball teams. This would allow us to avoid the hypocrisy of claiming these are not professional athletes and let them avoid the inconvenience of having to attend class. If Barnes & Noble can make more money for the university by running the bookstore, then some commercial venture could improve the profits of the athletic “department” (i. e., subsidiary). And we wouldn’t have to worry about the NCAA!

Chuck Harner