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What you’re saying: Donald Ball, Neal Bench, Hinda Lind and Gabriella Tal

Thought to deed

Regarding “Marker honors the ‘forgotten’ buried in Old Chapel Hill Cemetery,” (CHN,

I’m grateful for Judge Peele’s actions here. I’ve long wished there were something commemorating these people’s graves, some recognition of their unheralded contributions to the town and university. Good for Judge Peele for putting thought to deed and getting this done.

Donald Ball

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Bedford for commissioner

The citizens of Orange County’s District 1, mostly Chapel Hill and Carrboro, have the opportunity to vote for an excellent representative, Jamezetta Bedford.

She brings knowledge, experience, leadership and a strong financial background to the campaign for county commissioner. Jamezetta is a practicing CPA in a local accounting firm, and a prior, three-term member of the Chapel Hill-Carrboro school board. She is also a long-time Chapel Hill resident having put three kids through the local schools. With almost 50 percent of county expenditures going to local schools throughout Orange county, her multi-faceted knowledge and experience is especially well-placed.

Please join me in supporting and voting for Jamezetta Bedford as one of our next Orange County commissioners. Jamezetta is a strong believer in seeking out and listening to citizen input. She does her research and approaches serving the community with an open mind.

Jamezetta for Commissioner at

Neal Bench

Chapel Hill Resident

Editor’s note: Letters by and about candidates in the March 15 primary must be received by Friday, Feb. 26. Thank you.

Rich for commissioner

The commitment of a community to its schools is the best measure of a successful community in the future.

Commissioner Penny Rich has worked vigorously to encourage robust CHCCS and Orange County Schools that will educate and enlighten young citizens for future leadership in the community. She is in support the 2016 bond for renovations of older schools; she has worked to address the educational inequities between older and new schools.

One of the best examples of her commitment to the public school system is her sons, both graduates of CHCCS schools, both currently college students. This is the advocacy we need for all our children. A vote for Commissioner Rich on March 15 ensures it continues.

Vote Penny Rich, District 1.

Hinda Lind

Chapel Hill

Hauser for commissioner

The Election is March 15 and I’m here to speak out for Bonnie Hauser! She’s on the Democratic ticket for County Commissioner District 2. I have watched Bonnie for a number of years now as she unflinchingly stands up for the people of District 2. When it came to an unwanted airport being put in our backyards, Bonnie stood up against it, creating “Orange County Voice” a local community group still extant and thriving. We succeeded with Bonnie’s help and as a result today do not have daily airplanes droning overhead.

When a waste transfer station was slated to be put in our backyard, Bonnie got the facts and research to find more progressive options. The community was with her, and she convinced the county leaders to find a better solution.

Bonnie also worked in coalition to get rid of the shameful landfill on Rogers Road and secure the long-promised amenities. She protected Cane Creek reservoir from logging and was instrumental in launching Project Engage, an outreach program for seniors. She knows and loves our communities.

Bonnie is running on a platform of education, economic development, the environment, sustainability and public transportation. She’s out there right now listening to the people about their needs as well as sharing her ideas. She’s a fine thinker, a problem solver and a caring human being. She’s known at Efland Cheeks for visiting students with her dog Charlie. She is active in the Big Sister Program. And she still goes out with her mother, a Holocaust survivor to schools to talk about the holocaust.

I trust Bonnie and I like her. She’s a hard worker and has great values.

Please vote for Bonnie Hauser, County Commissioner, District 2

Gabriella Tal

Chapel Hill