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What you’re saying: George Baroff, Rachel Canada, Greg McElveen and Tim Longest

Aging inevitable?

Peer Learning will sponsor a talk open to the public with attorney Alan Ziegler, legal counsel to the Brain Preservation Foundation ( discussing whether human aging must be accepted as an inevitable stage of life, at 10:30 a.m. Friday, March 11, in the Binkley Church lounge, 1712 Willow Drive, Chapel Hill.

He will ask if there is another view that thinks about treatment and cures. Do we understand aging enough to be active about it, and if that is possible, should we? Would there be negative consequences for ourselves, our families, and society in general that should be weighed against the obvious benefits?

Ziegler is a former president of the Yale Law School Alumni Association of N.J. and is on the legal advisory board of the Lifeboat Association ( In addition to extensive business law experience, he was a Director of the Institute of New Dimensions and a Director of the Converging Technologies Bar Association and was an active member of the World Transhumanist Association and of the World Future Society. He participated in conferences where he gave many lectures on legal issues arising from emerging technologies.

For more information please call 919-942-3044 or go to

George Baroff


Dorosin is proven

Orange County is facing critical issues over education, poverty, and the unfulfilled promise of opportunity for all. Thankfully, we already have a proven leader at the helm tackling these challenges. Voters should re-elect Mark Dorosin for District 1 county commissioner on March 15 so he can continue this work.

No one is as committed to ensuring excellent and equitable schools as Mark. With three children in Chapel Hill schools, Mark knows what’s at stake. As the General Assembly continued its assault on public education, Mark was the only county commissioner to stand firm in demanding full funding for the needs of our school boards. As managing attorney at the UNC Center for Civil Rights, Mark has long fought for racial equity in schools and for the state to honor its constitutional promise of quality education for all our kids.

Mark will also continue to make progress on challenges of poverty and affordability. He has led the fight for a real commitment to affordable housing by putting $5 million on the bond referendum. He is also a leader in the Family Success Alliance, which provides resources for Orange County communities and families facing poverty.

Finally, Mark will continue working to make a living wage for all Orange County residents a reality. As commissioner, he pushed to expand the county’s living wage ordinance so that more workers, including school employees, can support their families.

As a Chapel Hill resident, a UNC graduate, and a lifelong North Carolinian, I am committed to making our county and state better for all. I am voting for Mark Dorosin as District 1 County Commissioner so he can continue to lead Orange County in that fight. I hope you will do the same.

Tim Longest

Chapel Hill

Bedford determined

We need the expertise and experience of Jamezetta Bedford on the Orange County Board of County Commissioners. We are fortunate to have a Board of Commissioners that has served the county well in many respects. Needs have been recognized and ambitious goals have been set. However, too often the commissioners have been constrained in meeting goals because of funding allocation processes that do not link resources with priorities as effectively as needed. Jamezetta’s determined approach to finding a way to meet challenges, combined with her skills in finance and accounting, position her well to help our county continue to improve in service to all.

I have also been impressed with Jamezetta’s willingness to reach out to constituents likely to be impacted by an issue, and to seek their views. I have worked with her on matters related to Chapel Hill-Carrboro schools for several years, and have found her to be a champion for the community’s most urgent priorities. Please vote for Jamezetta Bedford for District 1 so that she can continue to serve our community with her unique blend of passion and pragmatism.

Greg McElveen

Chapel Hill

Dorosin a leader

I am writing in support of Mark Dorosin for Orange County commissioner. Mark has lead the fight for educational equity and for social, racial and economic justice in our community and our state. His honest and intelligent leadership improves the quality of life for all the residents of Orange County.

I am honored and humbled that Mark Dorosin represents me and the members of my community. He’s done more and he’ll do more.

Rachel Canada

Chapel Hill

Letters policy

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