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In the wake of the visit of four members of the Israeli Knesset to the Chapel Hill Town Council, we have had a number of comments on the Israel/Palestine conflict.

In his May 4 and June 1 letters, René de la Varre dismisses Miriam Thompson’s sources on on Israel’s human rights violations, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and the U.N. Human Rights Commission as biased and unreliable.

He was not persuaded by the information from Amesty International’s Edith Garwood that AI issued as many reports on Palestinian violations of international law as they issued on Israeli violations, but on May 18, Ellie Kinnard helpfully mentioned that there are Jewish organizations that document “the suffering of the Palestinians.”

May I offer specifics? B’Tselem, Yesh Din, and HaMoked are all Israeli human rights organizations that document and report Israeli violations of international law and its own law. All have excellent websites – in English – through which we can all discover what it’s like to live under military occupation by Israel. HaMoked has a quiz for testing your knowledge of the occupation. I’ve been studying the conflict for years and I missed two questions out of seven. Now I have even more details about how the occupation keeps Palestinians from living freely.

See how you do:

Judith Ferster

Chapel Hill

Improper and unusual

Regarding the news story “UNC board wants state AG to pick up HB tab” (CHN, June 1)

The continuing incredible, almost incalcuable cost for HB2 is going to add a very interesting chapter in this unfolding story. Ultimately the General Assembly is going to be held responsible for these costs.

The fact that UNC hired outside counsel first then asked the AG to pay is simply improper and unusual. A state agency should carefully consider the cost to taxpayers BEFORE hiring multiple $1,000 per hour legal assistance. I guess the huge legal bills for the NCAA investigations have exhausted their funds?

Dennis Tracz


Listen to Loretta

Let me get this straight. Instead of doing the right thing and making UNC campuses inclusive of all students including transgender students, Lou Bissette wants UNC to discriminate. And then he hires the most expensive attorneys he can find to defend the Board of Governors for being bigoted and discriminating.

As Loretta Lynch said clearly, state-sponsored discrimination IS discrimination. These legal expenses are completely unnecessary. Listen to the US attorney general, Lou.

Altha Cravey


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