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Johnston teachers receive Chromebooks

Johnston County teachers hold the Chromebooks they received.
Johnston County teachers hold the Chromebooks they received. JOHNSTON COUNTY SCHOOLS

More than 50 Johnston County teachers have received Chromebooks thanks to grant dollars.

Chromebooks are laptop computers used primarily while online. Most of the Chromebook’s applications are online.

Johnston County teachers had to apply to receive a Chromebooks. The application had to state how they would use the computer to further their professional growth in the classroom.

The recipients are listed below by school:

Archer Lodge Middle – Jordan Godlewski.

Clayton High – Lisa Nathan.

Clayton Middle – Michael Butler, Jennifer Thorne, Amanda Turner, Greer Suggs, Stacey Carr, Laura Rohrbaugh, Heather Young, Kim Bagley and Barbara Jennings.

Cleveland Elementary – Angela Poovey, Jenna Rose, Nicole Shepard and Sandy Baughman.

Cleveland High – Beth Rhyne.

Cooper Elementary – Stephanie Benner.

Corinth Holders High – Kristian Stewart, Ashley Pedersen and Dianne D. Brewer.

Dixon Road Elementary – Heather Barkley.

East Clayton Elementary – Amy Plahuta, Amanda H. Allen, Leigh Ann Freeman, Tracy Mitchell, Patrice Boggs and Allison Mastriana.

Four Oaks Elementary – Jill Parrish.

Glendale-Kenly Elementary – Hannah Kochy, Kevin Sevigny, Michelle Pitts and Angela Fanney.

McGee’s Crossroads Elementary – Haley Stancil-Mitchell.

Micro-Pine Level Elementary – Nickie Perry.

North Johnston High School – Amelita Mooring.

Polenta Elementary – Kathi Noblin.

Powhatan Elementary – Vicky Mahoney.

Princeton Middle and High – Robert Heller and Larkeysha M. Sheppard.

Riverwood Elementary – Brooke Casper and LiAnn Cheong.

Riverwood Middle – Wendy Bates.

Selma Elementary – Rena Keith and Latrieva Wilson.

Smithfield Middle – Isaac Bruton and Donna Hawkins.

Smithfield-Selma High – William Parker, Megan Noel, Chase Crocker, Richard Phillips and John Molokach.

West Smithfield Elementary – Nikolette Bennett, Katie Benson, Deborah Adducci and Deanna Fairclough.