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College launches new brand

Soon after coming to Johnston Community College in July of 2009, I began discussions about the college’s image. Nothing was wrong with the school’s image, but with change in leadership and structure, we felt it time to look to the future and develop a new brand for JCC.

Brands are powerful and become the embodiment of an organization’s “promise” to the consumer. JCC’s current logo has existed since 1999. Because of the growth and change the college has experienced over the past 15 years, college leadership has led an effort to develop a new logo in light of our 21st century brand. That new brand mark is designed to reflect the intentions, goals and purpose of your college. The shield shape contains a spiral burst of light that symbolizes vibrancy and new beginnings. As it is held in the shield, the spiral also creates the recognizable shape of the letter J.

From the central point in the burst of light, many lines extend outward, just as many paths of educational and professional opportunity begin at JCC. The convergence of these lines also represents the culmination of talent and potential that we, the students, faculty and staff, bring to JCC.

The simple, clean typography and the classic design of the mark reflect the sense of pride we wish to convey while also building a contemporary look that can grow with us into the future. All of these characteristics inherent to our brand mark are inspirational as we move forward in creating “One college – Endless opportunities.”

A brand is more than just a logo. A website is an organization’s best marketing tool, so we knew a redesign of our site was a critical element of our new brand.

Over the past year, our web-governance team and many other JCC employees have been hard at work planning the website design. The site has a fresh look and is mobile friendly to better serve customers. We have reorganized the navigation and created a simple menu structure based on relationships to help current students, future students, alumni and friends, faculty and staff, and the community easily find the information they are looking for about the college. Please visit us at

As a part of our yearlong 45th anniversary celebration, JCC will emphasize its new image, However, our identity is not in the media alone, but in you, our community.

David N. Johnson is president of Johnston Community College.