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Your Letters: She’s voting for Michelle Denning

Denning for clerk of court

The following are the reasons why I am supporting Michelle Drake Denning for clerk of court:

She is a friend, and my friends are chosen wisely. Why? Because a friend cares deeply for you as a person, and I know that a woman of such character is sorely needed to ensure that our residents have a voice, know their options and can access the resources they need to live quality lives, simplify difficult situations and navigate through challenges they might face.

She is extremely competent. Michelle’s resume is a living document, in that she has lived every moment of it, substantively and actively. She chose to become a lawyer merely because she wanted to help people. Her reasons for this choice are both personal and professional in that she understands living under extreme circumstances and knows that her legal background and know-how are powerful tools she can – and will –use to make a real difference.

She is a courageous humanitarian who shows respect and concern for her fellow man – consistently. She means what she says and is unafraid to lend her voice where needed.

Ethics, compassion, knowledge, determination and dependability: Those are the nonnegotiables for our chosen leaders. My friend, Michelle Denning, meets all of the criteria. And I am so proud of her for stepping up to run this race. What I know for sure is that servant leadership – and courage – are critical to progress. Michelle is the personification of courageous servant leadership, and we need her as our clerk of court.

Crystal Kimpson Roberts