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Your Letters: Consider pipeline carefully

A pipeline’s pros and cons

As an Eastern North Carolina landowner directly affected by the Atlantic Coast Pipeline for natural gas, I think we need to consider all of the pros and cons of this pipeline.

The favorable aspects of the pipeline are cheap natural gas for local industry; cheap natural gas for electricity-generating utilities; a reduction in the burning of coal, making our air cleaner; energy independence for the United States; a reduction in the price of gasoline and diesel fuel; and the end of sending billions of dollars to the Middle East, where some of our money ends up supporting terrorist organizations.

The unfavorable effects of the pipeline are the release of methane gas; the excess use of water; the cleanup of chemicals, which can be done; and the removal of land for the use of timber production.

Each one of us should contact our legislature to be sure the Utilities Commission handles these problems in an environmentally friendly way.

Ross W. Lampe