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Your Letters: Legal Aid salutes law enforcement

Saluting all who serve

In 1978 East Central Community Legal Services, then known as the Wake County Legal Aid Society, began providing legal assistance to Johnston County residents, including those seeking protective orders against domestic-violence perpetrators. In 1986 Harbor Inc. began a stellar history of providing special services to domestic-violence victims in Johnston County. The United States has recognized October as Domestic Violence Awareness Month since 1987.

On Oct. 7, the Johnston County Bar Association and Legal Aid of North Carolina sponsored an event in Smithfield to train attorneys on the finer points of representing domestic-violence victims in court. This year’s training was dedicated to all law enforcement officers in the Sheriff’s Office and the 10 police departments that serve Johnston County residents.

Stopping domestic violence is never easy and is often unsafe. The hardest and most dangerous service has to be intervening while the perpetrator is still present and intent on inflicting more injuries, damage and possibly death. Last year, on 2,500 occasions, law enforcement officers were the first to intervene to stop this level of violence in Johnston County. We wholeheartedly salute them.

Victor J. Boone

Senior managing attorney, Legal Aid of North Carolina