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Your Letters: Yur server needs those tips

Don’t forget to tip

I have been thinking about writing on this for some time, and last week, when a server at work did not get a tip from someone who said they worked in the food-service industry, well, that was it.

All you people who do not tip your servers, understand this: They get paid about $2.30 an hour. They are expected to make up the rest in tips. If they continually do not make enough in tips to make up the difference in pay, they are terminated.

Now don’t get me wrong. If the service is bad, maybe a tip is not appropriate. Myself, if the service is bad, I will leave a small tip; how small would depend on how bad the service was. But I will let the management know I was not satisfied. But then if the service is good, I always let the server know and leave a good tip.

Also, understand if the food is not to your liking, it is not the servers’ fault, so don’t penalize them for it; let the management know you were not satisfied with your meal.

The same goes with your pizza-delivery driver. It is not their fault if it took too long for you pizza to arrive, and their tip is not included in the bill. Again, let the store manager know if the pizza was not good or took too long to arrive. If you are not still satisfied and it is a large chain, contact the corporate headquarters, and if enough people complain about the same thing, believe me, things will change.

David Speckhardt