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Your Letters: A fair question about religious tolerance

A fair question

Over the years, I have read many of your thoughts and ideas on the editorial page of this newspaper, but I have rarely commented – except maybe to friends and associates.

Admittedly there have been many editorials and columns that I believed wrong and perhaps even ill-conceived and many upon which we totally agreed and even a few that were half/half (luke warm).

But the column of Jan. 26 – “Are Muslims Tolerant too?” – I find thought provoking and the assessments of Duke University and Franklin Graham on target. But the greater question to be asked and answered forces us to look on both sides of the issue, which is appropriate.

Certainly I do not know the answer, but my suspicions are the Muslim tolerance would be similar to the Christian response – probably not highly tolerant by a huge segment of that population.

In my profession, I associate with many of the Muslim faith, and I find them to be tolerant of other faiths.

However, the Muslims that I encounter tend to be highly educated. I suspect the tolerance level by both religions is higher among those of higher intellect. But it’s a fair question, and prejudice for any reason is a sign too often of ignorance.

Durwood Stephenson