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Your Letters: A father defends hinself

A father defends himself

In response to “Woman pleads guilty to fraud,” I was destroyed when I read the accusations written about me in the sentencing phase of my ex’s ordeal. They could not be further from the truth.

I have been raising all four of my kids on my own for the past year. I am a disabled veteran, and this in itself is a challenge. Every second of my life is dedicated to my children.

My children have come through the other end of this nightmare shining like diamonds. They are all doing fantastic in school and love their church, which we attend twice a week. My oldest son has been accepted to college and leaves in the fall. I could not be more proud of him.

While my ex states that she loves her children, she still has the family van in storage for when she is released. We are forced to drive an old reliable sedan that, by the grace of God, still starts for us every day.

We have gone through so much this last year, but we have prevailed as a family. We will continue to do so, because as long as there is love, nothing else matters.

It broke my heart that my ex was willing to drag me through the mud for hopes of getting a lighter sentence. I appreciate the opportunity the newspaper has given me to say my side.

I would also very much like to say to the couples that were hurt how terribly sorry I am. I have prayed for you all that you will be able to heal and find happiness. My family loves you all.

Tony Soronen