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Group of young adults looks to rebrand Durham

An earlier version of this story incorrectly stated that Cultural Change United currently holds the 4 Quarters Basketball Camp“4Q.” It does not. 4 Quarters basketball camp is a separte entity, co-founded by Greg Hill.

A group of young adults and students are looking to “rebrand” or change the perception of minorities in Durham.

Led by Cultural Change United’s 24-year-old CEO, Greg Hill, the group says changing the mindset of young kids could change how some view Durham.

“I really want to showcase that our young people are doing good in the community,” Hill said. “There are so many young talented African-Americans that have so much potential.”

Cultural Change United uses sports, media and education to empower youth.

The group will go out in low-income communities and establish programs to showcase youth creativity, he said.

“A lot of times the proper role models are not there,” Hill said. “You have the talented 10th and you have the other 90 percent, and we want to bridge that gap.”

He said he expects the effort take between five to 10 years.

Hill, a motivational speaker and entrepreneur, said while in college he went into a state of depression after losing $20,000 as a party promoter. He took a semester and had to build himself back up. Hill says he uses that as motivation.

“It allows me to stay humble and I drive off of that,” he said. “It allows me to be grateful and motivates me to give back to the community.”