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After-hours parking at Duke is changing

As Duke rolls out a new access system for gated garages and lots, parking on campus is getting an upgrade with radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology.

With it come changes to how students and employees without an annual parking permit will be able to access lots and garages at Duke after hours and on weekends.

Duke students, faculty and staff who do not own an annual permit but use campus parking on weekends and between 5 p.m. to 6:59 a.m. on weekdays need an after-hours permit for continued access to campus parking areas as they transition to new entry and exit technology.

Annual Duke permit holders are not impacted and do not need an after-hours permit because annual permits already grants access after hours and on weekends.

Since the upgrade started in February, RFID technology has been installed in 19 facilities and will be expanded to 20 more by 2016. The parking facilities receiving the new technology account for the majority of parking on campus.

The new RFID system will allow for hands-free access to gated garages and lots and better tracking of lot use by Duke’s Parking and Transportation staff.

With this enhancement, access to RFID garages and lots is being separated into a “day” and “after-hours” permit system to better track use and create parking flexibility for Duke community members. Every campus lot with RFID gates installed will be impacted.

At this time, there is no fee for an “after-hours” permit; however, there may be a fee in the future. The permit does not provide free parking for any Duke event.

“Our new, more efficient system is permit-driven, which will help us better manage parking resources and offer more variety in parking options,” said Melissa Harden, assistant director for Parking and Transportation. “One of our goals is to better accommodate customers who are occasional parkers or use alternative transportation options like riding the bus or biking.”

Parking areas affected

Here are lots where an after-hours permit is currently needed for access after hours and on weekends:

Campus Drive, Trent, FEL (behind TUNL), Science, Law, LaSalle, Circuit, Fuqua, Public Policy, BC, Hock, Chemistry, Whitford, Edens "B", Edens "C", Blue Zone, IM, Grounds

For more information, including how to order an after-hours permit and how the permit works, go to bit.ly/1pISKJ1