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School board candidate calls for delay in superintendent search

School board Candidate Jimmy Doster called on Friday for the school board to delay the search process for a new superintendent until the new board is constituted.

“Who can support an 18-day window to find the CEO for the $400 million enterprise, DPS,” he said. “Yet this is what the lame duck board has initiated? I’m against this.”

Doster said he would ask his fellow District 2 candidates to join him in calling on the present board to abandon their rushed and truncated search process.

“How can a school board candidate say they stand for change, while permitting the decision on the new superintendent to be made by a board whose membership will change in less than three months?” Doster said. “How can candidates present themselves as agents for change and be willing to let others selects a CEO. If my fellow candidates can't or won't stand up to Heidi Carter and Minnie Forte-Brown on this issue, how will they be able to oppose other bad judgments in the future?”

At least three candidates, Thomas Poole, Steven Gatlin and Lisa Gordon Stella, showed their support through social media.

“There is no reason for the current board to rush this process,” Poole said. “What is the motives behind this? A rush search and hire could result in the previous mishap.

“And it was the current board that hired the previous superintendent, if I'm correct,” he added.

“Support delaying the superintendent search until a new board is elected,” Stella said on Twitter. “Our community deserves a thoughtful deliberate process!”

Gatlin said the same.

“I am 100 percent behind delaying the search,” he said on Twitter. “Thank you for taking action on behalf of Durham's citizens.”