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Durham Bike Co-op raising money for renovation

The city’s Parks and Recreation Department is partnering with the Durham Bike Co-op (aka the “DBC” or “Co-op”) to lease several buildings in Duke Park recently vacated by the Parks Maintenance Unit.

The partnership is a unique opportunity for both parties, officials said in a news release.

Co-op Board Member Bob Walpole describes it as “an incredible opportunity that will allow us to be more financially sustainable while serving more members of the community.”

In 2014, the Co-Op member-run organization tallied more than 300 members,480 customers received bicycle repair assistance from their volunteer mechanics or did their own “DIY” bike repairs, and 118 people earned or purchased refurbished bicycles.

In addition to getting more bikes into the Durham community, the Co-Op recycled over four tons of metal in the last year, keeping valuable materials out of the landfill.

In order to relocate, however, the Co-op must up-fit the new facility with an ADA-compliant restroom and a retrofitted workshop. The goal for the organization is to raise a total of $50,000 to fund the renovations. (See box.)

Founded in 2007 by a group of passionate cyclists and bicycle mechanics, the Durham Bicycle Cooperative is an all-volunteer community workshop providing bicycle repair skill sharing, clinics, and “earnabike” programs.

“We believe bicycles have the power to make our world a better place and we service this mission through sound environmental practices, a commitment to sustainable economics and social equality, involvement and outreach with our local community, and by promoting health and fitness,” said David Zielinski, Co-op founding member and board secretary.

For more information about the Durham Bicycle Cooperative visit www.durhambikecoop.org.

How to help

To donate toward the new Durham Bike Co-op facility renovation, go to http://nando.com/-y