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7 Durham churches kick off 2015 wellness challenge

Seven Durham churches are kicking off the new year with a commitment to nourish the spirit, soul and body.

As participants in the 2015 Congregational Wellness Challenge, pastors, lay leaders and 12 members from each congregation will engage in a 40-day effort to inspire holistic health within their churches and across the community.

The wellness challenge, which runs through March 5, kicked off Friday at the Emily K Center in Durham. It is organized by DurhamCares, the Clergy Health Initiative at Duke Divinity School, and Bull City Forward. Participating congregations include Christ Central Church, CityWell Church, Faith Assembly Christian Center, One Love Ministries, Refiner’s Fire Community Church, Tobacco Trail Church and Union Baptist Church.

“We hope the Congregational Wellness Challenge sparks a movement in our community,” said the Rev. Keith Daniel, officer for church mobilization at DurhamCares. “Our goal is to create a network of churches whose very culture supports healthy lifestyles for generations to come.”

During the 40-day program, participants will document their efforts to engage in activities that nourish the spirit, such as prayer, bible study and Sabbath time; activities that develop the soul, such as community service, hobbies or mindfulness; and activities that enhance the body, such as physical activity and healthy eating. Other members of participating churches are encouraged to support the participants through prayer, participation and a commitment to promote health at church events.

The wellness challenge will conclude with a closing celebration and participation in the Florence Forth 5K Run/Walk in Durham March 7.

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