Durham News: Obituaries

Mark Joshua Eisen

Dr. Mark Joshua Eisen, 63 years old and a 30+ year resident of Chapel Hill, died May 12 at his home after a long struggle with dementia. Mark was born in New York City, earned his medical degree from the University of Michigan and was a resident at Duke University. After post-doctoral studies in Germany, he established a homeopathic family practice in Chapel Hill, where he saved lives, improved lives, and gently fixed what was broken for a myriad of patients until 2011 when his illness forced the closing of his medical practice. While in college Dr. Mark was introduced to Anthroposophy, a spiritual philosophical movement that focused his intellect and grew into his passion over his short life. He was active in anthroposophic communities nationwide, forged close friendships with community members, and was involved in the founding of the Emerson Waldorf School in Chapel Hill. He was also a jazz pianist and lover of all things musical, playing in cabarets and various amateur musical groups. Mark is survived by his brothers, Michael Rubinstein and Eric Eisen, and his sister Debra Eisen, by in-laws Pam Rubinstein, Claire Shapiro and Goodwin Trent, nephew Luke Rubinstein, nieces Brooke Howell, Rebecca Eisen, Jennifer Eisen, Melissa Eisen and Rose Trent. In lieu of flowers, donations in Mark’s memory may be made to local food bank(s), the NC Botanical Garden, the Emerson Waldorf School, or the Anthroposophical Society’s Prison Outreach Program in Ann Arbor, Michigan.