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The conversation: Betty Buller Whitehead

Joyous news

Last week’s sudden and surprising legal events, which opened the door to same sex marriage in North Carolina, is joyous news for all citizens who have advocated for equality. The LGBT Democrats of North Carolina join with our brothers and sisters across the state in celebrating this giant step forward in our quest for human rights and equality.

Amendment One and its aftermath left many of our communities and even our state divided. We as an organization were lucky and blessed to have leadership on the state party level who encouraged us to continue our journey through the formation of county chapters. For that we will be forever grateful.

Speaker Thom Tillis’ filing is a desperate attempt by a U.S. Senate candidate who is trying to revive his floundering campaign. Our work is not done. We realize there is much more to be advocated for and fought for on the legislative level. The LGBT Democrats of North Carolina will continue to fight for equality for all citizens.

Today, as we wait for our due rights, let us keep in mind the trailblazers who have gone before us (some of whom died for their beliefs). Let us also be aware that as LGBT Democrats we will continue the fight for workplace non-discrimination, Transgender rights and a host of other LGBT related issues.

In the immortal words of Dr. Martin Luther King, “We are not free unless we are all free.” Today we celebrate. Tomorrow we go back to work.

Robert J. Kellogg


LGBT Democrats of North Carolina

Equal rights for all

Anyone familiar with my letters knows that I am a firm believer in equal rights. I believe that all free adult citizens (black/white, male/female, rich/poor, gay/straight, etc.) should have the exact same legal, political, and civil rights so I am glad that gay people can now get married in our state. Gay people should have the same rights as straight people.

I would like this newspaper to endorse the creation of an equal rights law that would guarantee that all free adult citizens will have the same legal, political and civil rights in our state. Bigots will oppose such a law, which is why we need one.

Chuck Mann


More dedicated bike lanes needed

Regarding “Cyclist killed in accident lived active, friendly life,” (DN, bit.ly/1rsxHnN ):

This is very sad. We need dedicated bike lanes not shared with vehicle traffic or pedestrians. Since that won't happen any time soon, bicyclists – when allowed to ride on sidewalks – should still ride on the side of the street going with traffic.

If a car pulls to an intersection, the instinct is to look first (left) to the direction from which traffic is coming and determine the speed of vehicles, bikes, pedestrians before pulling out.

When looking right, there is no oncoming traffic – just pedestrians – and it can be quite startling to have a bike suddenly appear from out of nowhere. It happens to me regularly.

Betty Buller Whitehead

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