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Michael Tynn: Spoon bending the least of it

Spoon bending the least of it

Regarding Bob Wilson’s column “Life after death? I’ll believe it when ...” (DN, bit.ly/11yl5qJ)

I have a spoon sitting a few feet from me as I type this that did a 180 degree “curl” (not really a “bend”) as my wife held it during a spoon bending session some years ago. I was right next to her and witnessed the surprise and shock on her face.

My spoon didn’t curl or bend at all. The person to the right of me held a fork and the four prongs on the fork curled into tight knots without any assistance from that person’s hands. That person, too, was shocked and there is no doubt in mind that my wife or the person next to me did not fraudulently produce the “curling.”

However, spoon bending is the least of the evidence in support of ESP and is only remotely associated with the abundance of evidence in support of the survival of consciousness at death. Moreover, Near Death Experience is only a small part of the evidence and is not the primary evidence offered by the Forever Family Foundation. Clearly, Bob Wilson isn’t familar with the foundation or the best evidence.

Michael E. Tymn

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