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Kit Galdi: Thanks, but no thanks

Thanks but no thanks

Thank you, Duke University, bastion of religious tolerance and diversity, for reaching out, granting a significant number of the student body an opportunity to engage in a ritual call to prayer at your chapel. Many of us saw the gesture as an attempt to further peaceful relations with like-minded people of a different faith. Then you backed-down. For shame!

Backing-down appears to have been Duke’s response to disapproval from evangelical extremists and loss of financial support from alumni. The decision to cave-in to religious fanatics and critics who compare peaceful Muslim students to those who commit acts of terror, was unfortunate. We need to be respectful of each other’s beliefs if we are to overcome the real threats.

As a church-going member of a traditional faith, I hope Duke will modify its stand so that the Muslim group can continue to hear their call to prayer in peace and with respect..

Kit Galdi