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Your letters, Feb. 26

Wild, sad world

Re “1971 ‘Valentine’s Day Murders’ still haunt,” (DN, Feb. 19, bit.ly/MwJaGs )

I remember this time with such sadness. I was a junior at the same high school as Jesse McBane, and his brother Marty and I were good friends.

I pray that the person/persons responsible for this horrible crime will be brought to justice. Every time that I hear the song by Cat Stevens, “Wild World,” it brings back those sad memories.

Bobbie Mendenhall

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Not Common Core

Re Bob Wilson’s commentary (DN, Jan. 31, bit.ly/1aSpsju )

I think the News and Observer needs to clarify that the Common Core is not requiring students to attend summer reading camps or repeat third grade, create a reading portfolio, etc. As the newspaper has reported, (quite well and with detail), Read to Achieve is a part of the Excellent Public School Act passed by our legislators in Raleigh. Many states have adopted the Common Core, but not all states will retain students based on third grade test results. Perhaps it would be helpful for readers to see this article: http://bit.ly/1eOECqW

Amelia Tosti