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Letters: Guns in America

Guns in America

America has more guns and gun injuries and deaths than any other modern nation .

Easy access to guns can turn hateful, prejudiced people into murderers.

Guns can turn the dangerous mentally ill into murderers.

Guns can turn fearful or angry people into accidental murderers.

Guns can turn self-styled vigilantes into murderers.

Guns can turn depressed individuals into suicides.

Guns can turn abusive partners and spouses into murderers.

Guns can turn children into accidental murderers or victims.

Is this what the authors of the Bill of Rights envisioned for our country?

How can we keep guns out of the wrong hands?

Lisa Price

This letter was also signed by Nan Nixon and Hans Flinch, Jerry and Sondra Van Sant, Caywood Hendricks, Susannah Smith, Bea Keller, Andrea Vizoso, Susan Romaine, Ann Henley, Elizabeth Field, Carolyn Ikenberry and Valerie Yow