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Graham Curtis: Help send us to the U.N.

Help send us to the U.N.

As a student, a lot of pressure is piled on me each week, because of homework and other personal duties. But, every once and a while, there is something that provides excitement in my day-to-day life. Nothing has done this as effectively as the huge privilege and opportunity I was offered earlier this year. I found out five other classmates from my middle school and I will be attending a Montessori Model United Nations Conference in New York City.

The country we will represent is the Republic of Vietnam and each of us will choose a topic (all of which are debated in the real United Nations!). Once at the conference, we will debate solutions to the issues based on the views of our country. One day, we will visit the actual U.N. headquarters and meet real delegates from all over the globe.

I feel incredibly privileged to be able to participate in this amazing conference. It gives me the chance to meet new people from all over the globe, but most importantly, deepen my understanding of the world I live in and its many cultures.

A statement that you’re always told by your teachers and parents when you’re young is you are tomorrow’s leaders. With this conference, it gives so many others and me the opportunity to be today’s leaders. With all that aside, I’m so lucky to spend this trip with five other students that I’ve learned to love – five friends that have been there for me every step of this journey.

The only part holding us from going is funding. A donation to the trip is greatly appreciated and you can send a check to Lakewood Montessori Middle School and in return we’ll send you a picture of us in front of the U.N. Headquarters as a thank you.

Graham Curtis

Lakewood Montessori Middle School