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Your letters: Mika Hunter Twietmeyer

Put it in perspective

Re: Durham schools can do better by G. Hansen (DN, March 8)

Yes, obviously, DPS can do better. No doubt. But, the people of Durham should want it to change and be part of the change. It is clear that Mr. Hansen isn’t too interested in a change. Just a criticism from a brief experience.

As an educator it isn’t surprising to me that he was not asked to be a more direct part of the reading instruction he commented on.

Yes, he has a college degree. And he can read. And he likely has enough food in his pantry to last a few months.

But put it in perspective – would the manager of a company in RTP let a volunteer meet with clients and make business deals? Even if they had a college degree? And could read?

(I am a DPS teacher.)

Mika Hunter Twietmeyer