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Marc Lee: Food, Durham’s glorious food

Marc Lee
Marc Lee courtesy of Marc Lee

I attended the food truck rodeo in Durham last week, and recently I was at the History Hub looking at its food exhibit.

Yes, Durham is very much a foodie town – something my stomach and definitely my wallet tells me I know all too well.

All of this got me to thinking about some of the great places that are no longer around that I miss. I recently realized that Leo’s Seafood was no longer around. And how many of us remember the great soul food we used to get at the Know Bookstore or at Select Seafood? Or the African food that was served at Safari Cuisine?

These are but a few of the places that are no longer around. Fortunately there are still some amazing places in the area. Yes, Blue Coffee may not be at its old location but it is still around, and definitely there are some great institutions of dining around here. Satisfaction, King’s and Devine’s all have rich legacies, and these are but a few of the jewels in the downtown area.

And if you want some good old-fashioned soul food now and on the weekend all you can eat buffet may I suggest Bowick’s.

And of course, there are so many food trucks that cover all kinds of specialities, ranging from donuts and crepes to pizza and burgers with all kinds of things like macaroni, New Orleans and Jamaican fare and other things in between.

And, of course if you want to get away from downtown, there are also some amazing places in other parts of town. I remember when I lived near Broad Street, I used to love going to Rudino’s and though it’s been a while since I have been there, I still hear great things about Spartacus and Parizade’s.

And, of course, I’m sure some of these folks being trained in the culinary arts at the school in American Tobacco will soon be opening new restaurants as well, or maybe they will have one of the new food trucks that are bound to pop up on the scene.

Yes, just like I love my music when I attend festivals and events around here, I am also amazed by the nature and depth of what is offered food wise as well.

But, like I said, I need to start eating healthier, and often times food trucks and restaurants are not the way to do that. And even if the food is healthy, the impact it has on your wallet is not.

So, I’m not saying I am going to quit eating these treasures of ours, but I definitely am going to have start working on making it better. I’ve already shattered a few New Year’s resolutions, so maybe I will make birthday resolutions (that’s coming up July 1) and promise to eat out less, eat more healthy, and maybe even learn how to do some cooking. Wouldn’t that be amazing and wonderful?

At the very least, I definitely need to get back into my workouts (i.e. running and bicycling … folks will tell you I already do plenty of walking) and try to lose some of this weight I have put on by eating out WAY TOO MUCH!

Of course, none of this is happening until after the next food truck rodeo. …. In the meantime , if you want to learn about some of Durham’s rich food history, go on over to the History Hub and learn more about how we got this reputation and how having some amazing cooks and institutions is not really a new thing for this area.

You can reach Marc Lee at bluesradio@gmail.com