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What you’re saying: Dale Herman, Michael Zsitnyar

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As a combat veteran of Vietnam, I am not comforted when people thank me for my service. More than 58,000 American troops died in that war without purpose.

Many veterans now carry unseen injuries, among them the loss of dignity and sense of morality that comes from knowing that we contributed to the deaths of countless innocents.

If someone really wants to thank a vet, write to President Obama, N.C. Sens. Thom Tillis and Richard Burr and our state legislators in Raleigh and ask them to bring our troops home safely, and ensure that they’ll be taken care of when they return; to provide funding for mental health services to address veterans' moral and psychic wounds; to expand Medicaid funding here in North Carolina to relieve the stresses now afflicting veterans who cannot afford health care for their families; to provide job training for unemployed vets whose military training taught them to kill but not to heal, and programs for our homeless vets, too; and to close the hundreds of U.S. military bases around the globe, removing our troops from danger and lessening the resentments that are a major recruiting tool for terrorists.

Then I, as a veteran, will thank them.

Dale Herman



Accountability is the buzzword for the liberal left when they continue to beat up on charter schools. They hate choice in education and any deviation from the government delivered, liberal Democrat educrat formula is quickly and thoroughly pounced on.

Here is accountability: If a charter school does not meet the expectations of the parents who choose to send their kids there, they lose those families and students, they fail, they close. If a government school fails to meet the expectations of the families that are forced to send their kids there because they have no choice then that school most likely is placed on double secret probation and they get warned and principals and teachers and administrators are shuffled around to other schools and more money is thrown down the rathole and the failed school stays open to educate another group of unlucky kids. Rinse and repeat.

Michael Zsitnyar

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