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Your letters: Mark Rodin

The more important concern

Editor’s note: E-mails and letters to the mayor and City Council are public record. This exchange is reprinted with writer Mark Rodin’s permission.

While most of the recent concern with police community relations has been focused on retiring Chief Jose Lopez, the more important concern for all should be ending the string of killings – apparently gang related – in Durham.

Thirty-seven violent deaths so far this year. What action is the City Council taking to help? Durham’s rebirth and revitalization will stop unless this issue is corrected. Otherwise Durham will become the Newark or Camden of the South.

Mark G Rodin


Mr. Rodin,

As always, it is good to hear from you on this very important issue. You are right. The murders, and the spike in the numbers, are terrible for Durham. Murders are difficult for the police to stop, for a variety of reasons. They have an important role to play, but only with the trust and cooperation of the public – working with the police – can we make a dent in the murder rate and in all major crime rates. Our new police chief, to be chosen in the next few months, will have this work at the top of his or her agenda.

Steve Schewel

City Council