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What you’re saying: God, bathrooms and HB2

God, bathrooms and HB2

Note: Last week’s stories on the 21c Musuem Hotel’s new gender-neutral bathroom signs and a series of violent crimes generated several online comments, including these.

Kenny Usher: We have the stand up to this nonsense. Saying we don’t care will eventually destroy this country, unfortunately this may be too late. When God leaves a nation he gives them over to their lustful hearts, not understanding right from wrong.

Austin Blythe: If slavery, genocide of the Native Americans, putting our own citizens into concentration camps the way we did with Asian-Americans during WWII, and about a century of lynchings didn’t get God to leave this nation, I can't imagine He much cares whether or not a transgendered person uses the bathroom that best fits their gender, if not their plumbing.

Don Kelly: Wait a second, if the police are addressing violent crime, when are they going to have time to stand outside public restrooms and check birth certificates???