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What you’re saying: Jane Wettach and George S. Baroff

No uncertain terms

Regarding the news article “Legislature repeals one portion of HB2” (July 2, N&O): House Speaker Tim Moore said with regard to House Bill 2, “There was never an intent to limit the right of anybody to seek redress in state court.”

Given that HB2 very explicitly, in no uncertain terms, completely eliminated the right of anybody to sue in state court to get redress for unlawful discrimination, there are only two possible interpretations of Moore’s comment: The legislature passed the law without knowing what it said or he is lying. I wonder which one he claims.

Jane Wettach


No-loss decision

My take is that Cruz made a no-loss decision in declining to endorse Trump. Assuming that Cruz wants to run in 2020, if Trump wins, that possibility will not be open to him, a successful Trump would run again in 2020. On the other hand, if Trump loses, that opens the door for Cruz in 2020 as the “I told you so” candidate.

George S. Baroff

Chapel Hill

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