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Carver Elementary receives Wake Ed grant

Fifth graders at Carver Elementary will be taking technology with them as they set and achieve fitness goals, thanks to a grant from the Wake Education Partnership.

Carver Elementary received $2,800 to use MovBands, which are like advanced pedometers, to measure and graph students’ physical activity.

From there, they will set their own fitness goals and continue to use the MovBand technology and other tools to continue setting and accomplishing goals, said Carver P.E. teacher Amanda Hajnos.

Hajnos worked with Betty McCloud, the school’s media teacher, to come up with the idea for the grant and help writing it.

“We wanted to zone in on technology needs and skills,”Hajnos said.

In addition to the MovBands, the grant will help with the purchase of mini iPads for students to use while they’re working in different areas of the school, like the gym.

The MovBands, which store more data than a traditional pedometer that just measures the number of steps a person takes, can convert that number into miles and can graph data so students can see progress.

In addition to the MovBands and the mini iPads, which will help when organizing and analyzing their data, the grant will pay for McCloud and Hajnos to receive training in Google Apps.

That way, Hajnos said, students will have some knowledge of programs used in and out of school.

Even though the grant funds the technology, Hajnos said one of most important things about the project is that students learn how to set and achieve their goals, which will be invaluable as they move through their education.

“It’s very daunting to see something that, in some cases, you think is impossible,” she said. “(And) when you have that mentality … it causes them to not want to do it. If I can help guide a student to something they never thought they could do, that’s an essential part of teaching.”

Wake Ed gave out 20 grants this year as part of their Teacher Leadership Grant program. The 20 grants totaled over $40,000.

Carver Elementary was the only school in eastern Wake County that received a grant this year.