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Man robs Knightdale smokeshop

Police are looking for a man accused of robbing Smoker Friendly, a smokeshop in town.

On Sept. 30 shortly after 5 p.m., the man walked to Dunkin Donuts in Knightdale where he got a bag he later used to cover a weapon. He then went to Smoker Friendly where he implied he had a weapon in the bag and demanded money, Knightdale Capt. Lawrence Capps said.

Although the man had a weapon, he did not use it during the robbery, Capps said.

The Sheriff’s Office and a K-9 unit attempted to trace the suspect from the scene of the crime, but the dog was only able to trace the scent as far as the adjacent Berkshire apartments.

“You can speculate quite a bit why the track terminated,” Capps said. It’s possible the man had a car to get into and drive away with or that the scent was lost among traffic.

There is nothing that points to the suspect as being a resident of the apartment complex but Capps said it is likely he is local to Knightdale.

Investigators said they believe the man frequents the area looking for change.

Police described him as a black male with a goatee, mustache and corn rows. He is about 5’10 to 6 feet tall and was last seen wearing a black T-shirt and black pants.

Anyone with information can contact Knightdale detective Don Ayscue at 217-2264.