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Knightdale Station gets OK for apartments

Council members approve a request by developers of the town’s largest future subdivision, Knightdale Station, to build apartments and smaller single-family residential units in the 810-home neighborhood.

A utilities allocation agreement between the town and the Cary-based Preston Development allowed for 195 multi-family units which can be townhomes or apartments.

The agreement laid out requirements for those townhomes under the town’s unified development ordinance, but didn’t explicitly lay out regulations for apartments.

Council members added rules for apartments in the development, meaning Preston can build apartments as part of the development. The requirements mirrors those in place for apartments in other parts of town, except Knightdale Station apartments would be able to use vinyl material on all parts of the building.

In the rest of town, vinyl can only be used on portions of residential structures.

The amendment also allowed for 10 percent of single family lots to be smaller than 60 feet wide.

Karl Blackley, the president of Preston Development, said the changes allow the company to create several different types of housing to attract more residents when residential units are complete.

It is not clear how many apartments the development will have since it is lumped in with the allowed multi-family units.

Earlier descriptions of the development’s housing units noted all the homes in the subdivision will be 1,600 square feet.

About 75 percent of the homes will be 1,850 square feet and 25 percent of the homes will be more than 2,000 square feet.

Other parts of the amendment laid out details of signage and addressed some landscaping projects.

Even though developers sought to make changes to the project, it is moving slower than developers would like, Blackley told council.

Despite the slower pace, it’s showing signs of a strong start, with the first 45 lots of Knightdale Station already sold to builders..

The community’s YMCA, which will have a pool, has not begun construction, but the land has been cleared and graded and is ready for construction. Blackley told Council the goal is still to have the pool open by Memorial Day weekend in 2015.