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Burned Wendell house to be removed before Christmas

The house that burned at 3003 Wendell Boulevard may be removed by Christmas, according to the town.

The one-story house, which caught fire Nov. 15, is owned by Wendell/LaRue LLC. Once they have reached an agreement with the insurance company, the house will be removed.

They are currently waiting for final evaluations by the insurance company.

The home’s residents, David Armstrong and Amy Armstrong, escaped with no injuries along with with their two children, two grandchildren and two nephews. During the weeks following the incident, the community rallied around the family through donations and help for the holidays.

According to Amy Armstrong, the fire marshal said the house had been burning up to 45 minutes before they found it, and the fire took 25 firefighters an hour and a half to quell the blaze. The fire report claimed that there were $55,000 in property and content losses.