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K’dale chamber partners with Wake Up and Read for book drive

As children grow up and have no need for the storybooks that captured their minds and hearts, parents may have a hard time parting with the books that hold memories in their words.

The Knightdale Book Drive will offer families a charitable alternative to keeping those books in the attic or on a dusty shelf. From Feb. 9 until Feb. 13, the Knightdale Chamber of Commerce and WAKE Up and Read will partner to collect new and gently-used books appropriate for children up to 12 years old.

These books will be donated to promote reading at home for families who lack resources, through two school fairs at Wakelon Elementary and Hodge Road Elementary.

Drop-off locations include the Knightdale Chamber of Commerce, Rex Wellness Center of Knightdale, Wells Fargo Knightdale Branch, Greystone at Widewaters and Schneider Electric Company.

WAKE Up and Read campaign, a collaborative effort by community leaders from across Wake County, was launched in 2012 with the goal of helping children read at grade-level by third grade.

The campaign’s strategy is to ensure that children from low-income families can access the resources they need.

On Feb. 13, Knighdale chamber staff and other local partners will collect the donated books while dressed up like their favorite storybook characters.

If you don’t have children’s books to donate, you can support the WAKE Up and Read program by buying books at their Amazon wish list or donating directly at http://wakeedpartnership.org/invest.htm.

If you would like to make a donation, volunteer or find out more, contact Mary Yount at the Knightdale Chamber of Commerce at 919-2669-4603 or visit http://www.wakeupandread.org.