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Knightdale makes way for volunteer police officers

A revision of town ordinances has created the foundation for Knightdale to establish and operate a volunteer police force, should the town ever want it.

In the first round of revising old ordinances, police Chief Jason Godwin decided to add provisions for an auxiliary police force in Knightdale, although he said there are no plans to establish one right now.

There are, however, some residents who have expressed interest in volunteering, Godwin said. For law enforcement officials, certificates of training expire after a year of inactivity. Some former officers may want to dedicate some time to volunteering in order to keep their certification current, Godwin said.

Knightdale’s town council approved the changes Wednesday night.

Most likely, those volunteers would go on ride-alongs ro do some basic training excerises, but they will not be issued equipment or uniforms like some localities with reserve police forces do.

Knightdale's ordinance also includes a section that allows reserve police officers to be covered under workman's compensation laws, as required by the state.

Currently in Wake County, no municipality has an auxiliary police force. According to the Wake County Sheriff's Office, it has some volunteers who were once officers who give some time but there is no established group.