Eastern Wake News

2014 voting laws changed

Wake County’s Board of Elections is reminidng voters of the changes in the election laws as outlined in the Voter ID Bill enacted by the N.C. General Assembly.

The following changes will go into effect for primary elections held on Tuesday, May 6. The primary elections will be for the Democratic Party, Republican Party, Libertarian Party and non-partisan judicial races.

•  Voters must register by Friday, April 11, to be eligible to vote in the primary election. Voters may no longer register and vote at the early voting site.

•  Voters should update information completing an N.C. Voter Registration Application by Friday, April 11, or by voting at an early voting site. Voters cannot update information on Election Day.

•  A voter registered as “unaffiliated” must choose which primary they wish to vote in, or vote a non-partisan ballot for the judicial races.

•  Voters are required to vote in their assigned precinct listed on the voter registration card or on the BOE website at wakegov.com/elections.

•  Voters cannot vote with a provisional ballot outside their assigned precinct. Those ballots will not be counted.

For more information and election-related forms, visit wakegov.com/elections or call 919-856-6240.