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Former East Wake student recovering in Greenville after accident

A former East Wake High student is facing three charges from Greenville police after a car accident last weekend brought him to the ICU.

Tyler Wilder lost control of his 2000 Honda Accord in Greenville last Sunday around 5 a.m., Greenville police said.

Investigators ruled speed and alcohol were factors in the crash. Greenville Police Public Information Officer Kristen Hunter said investigators have charged him with driving while intoxicated, driving after consuming alcohol under 21 and reckless driving.

Wilder could lose his license for up to a year and could be required to serve community service for the DWI charge.

Wilder hit a pole and was ejected from the car, suffering serious injuries. No other vehicle or person was involved in the accident.

About a day after the accident, on Monday night, Wilder was improving quickly enough to be moved from the ICU, according to his mother’s, Facebook updates.

Wilder attended East Wake High School where he played soccer and baseball. He graduated in 2012.

On Monday, Wilder was conscious and able to stand and eat on his own. On Wednesday, Whitley said Wilder has a traumatic brain injury and it is not clear when he will be able to return home.