Eastern Wake: Community

This Week in History: Sept. 24


This week in history we look back 10, 25 and 50 years to see what was happening in the eastern Wake County area. In 2004, Zebulon was keeping its eye on the prize with a new subdivision planned. In 1989, Zebulon was looking forward to the arrival of a Wake County staple. And in 1964, the Zebulon water plant was dedicated by a local Congressman.


With all the infrastructure and zoning issues involved, it’s always exciting for a town when they get to the phase of growth that will actually grow the town. In 2004, Zebulon was finally hitting that phase.

Zebulon is likely to get another large conservation subdivision if Granite Properties obtains the Board of Commissioners’ blessing for its 323-home neighborhood on Old Bunn Road. The board is scheduled to hold a public hearing on the proposed subdivision Oct. 11.

The Wake Forest developer wants to build homes at the corner of Shepard School and Old Bunn roads near Zebulon. The development, named Shepards Park, would have a minimum lot size of 5,000 square feet and include two ponds, Zebulon Planning Director Lyddia Pritchard said. The area is in Zebulon’s extraterritorial jurisdiction, but the developer is interested in applying for annexation, Pritchard said, adding the subdivision would get town water and sewer services.

The developer’s representatives confirmed they are working on getting the plans finalized, but did not want to talk about details until they have discussed them with town staff.

According to plans filed with the town, the site, which is about 146 acres, would have about 50 acres earmarked for open space, Pritchard said.

“Establishing a conservation subdivision is a way to preserve environmentally sensitive areas, such as ponds, lakes and streams,” she said.


It wasn’t all that long ago, it turns out, that the Mudcats came to Wake County. Now, the minor league team is a staple of the community and it’s hard to imagine what eastern Wake County would be like without them.

The East Wake High School football team is unbeaten, and the college and pro seasons opened recently but, despite the good word on football, local talk last week centered on baseball.

With the Sept. 12 announcement of a plan to bring minor league baseball to a site near Zebulon, a rash of pennant fever has spread through the area. Steve Bryant, owner of the Class AA Mudcats now in Columbus, GA., intends to build an 8,000 seat stadium at the intersection of U.S. 264 Alternate and N.C. 39, and begin play there in 1991.

Judging from some reactions to the news, most residents are ready for the first pitch now. Ticket inquiries have started to filter in and Mudcat merchandise is already cropping up around Zebulon.

Triangle East of North Carolina Inc. president Doug Byrd reported that his film received 40 telephone calls regarding tickets for Mudcat games within two days after this announcement. As of Monday, his staff had fielded well over 60 requests.


As planned, Congressman Harold D. Cooley spoke at the dedication for Zebulon’s new water plant.

Zebulon’s new water filtration plant was dedicated Sunday afternoon amidst politics, a soft, cool September breeze, and hazy skies.

Congressman Harold D. Cooley was the featured speaker at the plant which cost in excess of $300,000 and is the culmination of several years’ work by town officials.

The plant is capable of producing one and one-half million gallons of water a day, Town Manager Willie B. Hopkins said at the ceremonies. It can be expanded when necessary to produce three million gallons a day.

Congressman Cooley congratulated the town’s citizens for their “foresight and vision” in making the water system available. He also congratulated them for the “spirit of working together for progress.”

After a short congratulatory message for the people of Zebulon, Cooley turned o the national and world political scene.

[...]Town Manager Hopkins said that the new filtration plant is something he has “dreamed about” for 25 years. He further explained the effect and uses the plant can have on the town now and in the future.

The new facility was begun some five years ago. It was financed through a bond issue approved by 95 per cent of Zebulon voters.