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Letter: Transit and growth

Transit and growth

Regarding the March 23 story “Transit opinions divided,” I hope the town council will support the recommended Wake Transit Plan.

I grew up in Knightdale and I’m proud to call it home. We’ve seen a lot of changes over the years but it still has its small town charm. With this growth comes responsibility to develop a transportation plan that benefits the people of eastern Wake.

I encourage everyone to consider how transit can address the exponential growth of eastern Wake. Knightdale’s population has quadrupled since 2000.

When I lived in Charlotte, I used transit often and began to realize its many benefits. Although the plan does not include a train option for Knightdale, expanding the bus system is an important first step that will allow the town to encourage the use of transit.

Knightdale will have the opportunity to show the rest of the county that eastern Wake County residents are open to utilizing alternative transportation.

Before we can argue a demand for rail, we need to increase our bus routes, and this process should include input from residents. As traffic continues to increase all over Wake, the use of transit will become a necessity.

Jade Towner