Eastern Wake: Opinion

Editorial: It’s all about marketing

Zebulon’s Business Expo filled the gymnasium at Zebulon Middle School last week. Attendance was down slightly based on an unscientific eyeball assessment, but the expo remains one of the best opportunities to market one’s business to a broad segment of the community.

Many of the most basic goods and services available to people in eastern Wake County were on display at the expo. Those businesses that participated can play a role in growing the expo and making it worth more of their time than it already is. It’s important for businesses to promote their participation in the event.

When a potential customers learns that a business will be participating in the expo, it’s more likely they will visit the event for a chance to learn more about the goods and services that company offers. And, while those people are at the expo, they will almost certainly take the time to see what else is on display.

As businesses promote their own participation in the chamber expo, they can also provide their existing customers with information about the event and why they might benefit from attending.

Thankfully, our local economy seems to be in the early stages of a recovery. More people are spending money. That’s a good thing. But company’s can’t do enough marketing. Building up the expo will increase the benefits they gain from participation and, if that’s done well, more people will attend next year’s expo and that means more chances to sell products and services for those businesses smart enough to have a presence there.