Eastern Wake: Opinion

Column: Time to talk elections... not

It was the big news. State House Speaker Thom Tillis won a seat in the rareified air of the U.S. Senate. Let’s consider that...

Or not.

Like everyone else, you’re probably relieved to have the incessant flood of commercials and name-calling behind you. So what else is there to occupy our time?

Lots, actually.

Fall leaf season in the North Carolina mountains has come and gone thanks in part to an odd October snowfall. But the leaves are just starting their colorful descent in this area, adding a gorgeous splash to our visual pallets and reminding us that we should be thankful to have four distinct seasons here in North Carolina. Granted spring and fall come and go quickly in these parts, but they give us a clear indication that time is marching on.

There are plenty of people who don’t get to enjoy the slow slide into colder (or warmer) weather, depending on the season. The poor folks in Florida might have Disney and some beautiful beaches, but they only have one season. Folks in Alaska flirt with spring for a short while before the plunge back into the interminable winter. There is no summer in Alaska – at least not the way summer is meant to be experienced.

And if fall isn’t your fav, that’s OK. Snow lovers have reason to be optimistic. Much like Chicago Cubs fans, the season begins amid optimism. People – OK, school kids, mostly – hope for the big one every summer. It never comes, but they hope for it. The early season snow in North Carolina’s mountains adds fuel to the fire of our optimism. The thinking goes something like this: If it can snow that early in the season in the mountains, then surely we’re in for at least one good shot of winter weather this year.

Good thought, bad meteorology. Still, an optimist hangs his hat on whatever hope he can find. Snow lovers look forward to the time the snow falls deeper than the onions in the yard. In North Carolina, that’s a successful winter storm.

For all the folks who have moved south to get away from endless winters, those kinds of storms are also successes because they pale in comparison to the all-too-frequent blizzards they battled up north. As a snow-loving Southerner, I find myself wishing they could have brought some of that snow with them.

Winter also brings another rite of passage for North Carolinians: basketball season. Whether you pull for State, Carolina, Duke or Wake, your team is still undefeated at this point and that means the possibilities are endless.

On another note, I was excited to see Knightdale’s football team do so well last season. The team reached heights it hadn’t seen in school history. The football gods haven’t been with the Knights this seaason, but they’ve smiled brightly on East Wake which, going into last Friday’s game against Knightdale, had a chance to record their best season record in many years.

The playoffs are just around the corner for East Wake, but unlike the now-completed elections (which we aren’t talking about) the Warriors will settle their contests on the field and not over the airwaves.