Eastern Wake: Opinion

Editorial: Saving money for everyone

It may seem like a lot of inside-baseball, but a recent inspection of local fire departments in Zebulon and Pilot will have very real impacts on property owners in those two communities.

The news, if you missed it, is that fire departments in both Zebulon and Pilot passed inspections by the N.C. Department of Insurance that resulted in better insurance ratings.

Those inspections examined a range of data from how quickly the two departments could respond to a fire call to their ability to supply water to firefighters in a rural setting where fire hydrants aren’t readily available.

All those measurements are intended to guage how quickly the departments can extinguish a fire and how much they can reduce the damage from those fires.

If the departments can reduce the damage from fires, insurance companies will have to pay less in damages. That means property owners should have to pay less in premiums. And, indeed, that’s the end result of the inspections.

Because the two departments saw their ratings improve, property owners should see their premiums fall by as much as $300. That’s a significant savings on a bill most of us cringe to pay in the first place.

Property owners served by the Zebulon and Pilot fire departments should inspect their next insurance bill to be sure the premiums do indeed fall, and, if they don’t they should question why they didn’t.

The improved ratings are not the result of dumb luck. Leaders and firefighters in the two departments have worked hard to find efficiencies and they’ve agreed to help each other respond to fire calls in an effort to response times.

The news also causes us to wonder just how much further those rates could fall if Zebulon commissioners bit the bullet and appropriated money to build the long-awaited second station in the northern part of town.