Eastern Wake: Opinion

Editorial: Look west for greenways

If participation in Tuesday’s greenway town hall meeting in Zebulon is any indicator, greenways aren’t high on people’s priority list right now.

They should be. Greenways are function of quality of life and we can’t imagine anyone wants a lower quaility of life than they have.

In lieu of a lot of public comment, at the meeting we offer up this advice. Zebulon officials should be working hard to extend greenways to the west, toward Wendell and, of course, Raleigh.

At some point it should be hoped that greenway trails built in Zebulon would allow people to walk or bike all the way to the capital city where their options expand considerably.

While we realize westward extensions would depend on the town of Wendell to ultimately reach Raleigh, this seems like the wisest step for Zebulon to take.