Eastern Wake: Opinion

Editorial: A pledge to follow through

Wendell commissioners have given their blessings to a grant application that would require the town to spend significant sums of money on its parks and recreation facilities. The town doesn’t have a stellar record on following through with such promises. We hope this time will be different.

It’s worth pointing out that the town would only have to pay the money if it wins the grant and most involved with the grant application agree it is a long shot. The money would address new spaces in the town’s main park along with improvements in other places and even the creation of a small, new park.

The town has, in the past, returned grant money when they decided they weren’t interested in forking out their share of the project cost under the terms of the grant. But it’s important to note that leveraging local money with free money is a smart move. We hope the town will have an opportunity to follow through on its promises and if that time comes, we hope they will.