Eastern Wake: Opinion

Editorial: Doing good for others merits honor

Last week’s recognition of Sheila Prosser as Knightdale’s Citizen of the Year couldn’t have been made to a nicer person. Nor a more deserving one.

Prosser has made a career of helping others with no sense of payback for services rendered. That’s the very definition of altruism and she practices that art every week in Knightdale and, frankly, throughout all of eastern Wake County.

Her Dream Coat Ministries has provided a resource for many people in need of the goods she can offer. She’s helped people keep warm on cold nights. She’s built self-esteem and convinced others in the community that giving is a responsibility. She’s encouraged others who wanted to follow her example.

In her work with the East Wake Relay For Life, Prosser has routinely been out front in the charge to raise money for research into the causes and treatment of cancer and the development of resources for caregivers and loved ones of cancer victims.

And she’s done all that with an irrepressible smile and a level of energy many 10-year-olds would love to have.

If we are perfectly honest, we would admit that it is too easy in today’s hustle-and-bustle world to take care of one’s own business and leave the bigger problems in life for someone else to solve. Prosser has rejected that outlook and made her community a better place for it.

And in so doing, she has provided an example we should all aspire to emulate. That’s exactly what a Citizen of the Year should do.

The town of Knightdale and all of eastern Wake County is better off because she’s a part of us. And though she would not seek the limelight for what she does, it is fitting and proper that it shines brightly upon her.